Hey there, I'm Matthew👋

I help people discover and develop their unique worth, turn unspecified struggle into tractable problems, and feel resourced to make the kind of change they most want.

I'm a consultant systems developer, mentor, facilitator, speaker and author. My work is all about how we develop and use our exceptional talents and get exciting new ideas into the world. 

I specialise in working with people who think and feel differently to most; in helping develop the abilities that come with that and building the support needed to thrive.

I often work with neurodivergent professionals, academics and entrepreneurs. I also work with the individuals and organisations that understand the huge value we offer the world.

There are lots of different ways you can work with me. If you'd like to find out more then you can also book a short video call with me to explore how we might work together.

Carbon Trust Certified Carbon Literate business
Matthew is a Professional Member of BCS, The Chartered Institute of IT
Committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Recent blog posts

Neurodiversity and trauma

There's a lot to untangle between neurodiversity and trauma. In this livestream I will: * Share my own preferred explanation. * Explore some of the experiences that can lead to neurodivergent trauma. * Speak about what this means for how we think about neuro-inclusive work and workplaces. Content warning: This talk

Misunderstanding and neurodiversity

Being misunderstood a lot of the time is an experience so many neurodivergent people face. In this livestream I'll talk about the kind of misunderstandings that occur, how it can affect us, and what we can do to address it Content warning: This talk mentions bullying and harassment

Neurodiversity and camouflaging

Camouflaging - or masking - neurodivergent traits is the act of covering up our differences so they are (hopefully) harder to spot. In this video I talk about why we do it, how it can become an issue, and what we can do about it. Content warning: This talk contains

Late discovery neurodiversity

There are many reasons why we might not discover that we're neurodivergent until later life. In this livestream I explore why, what happens, and what to do if this affects you. References from the show: * https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lanepe/article/PIIS2666-7762(23)00045-5/fulltext * https://journals.

Digital declutter-along

As the Digital Decluttering session for Joyfully Different has sold out, I decided to run one of my own for anyone who isn't a member there or who missed out. It'll help you tame that small mountain of emails and files, and find the stuff you need easier in future.

Digital Decluttering workshop

Do you have a small mountain of emails, or a load of files you don't know what to do with? Do you struggle to find stuff on the computer you just know is there? If that's you, then join me and the lovely people at Joyfully Different for a Digital Decluttering session.

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Latest Delightful Dissent episodes

Delightful Dissent - Ep. 40 - Doing it wrong?

With Kendra Patterson Recorded live at 05:00 PM on Tuesday 16 November 2021 Doing it wrong0:00/64:261× Have you ever struggled to do things the same way as everyone else? Even when you know your way works for you, and works well, people insist you do it

Delightful Dissent - Ep. 39 - Driven to create?

With Christopher Dines Recorded live at 12:00 PM on Wednesday 20 October 2021 Driven to create0:00/64:251× It seems like creative people have a vision, then single-mindedly set about making it reality. But what if not all creativity looks like this? What if sticking to a linear

Delightful Dissent - Ep. 38 - Safe to play?

With Troels Andersen-Kjaer Recorded live at 12:00 PM on Tuesday 12 October 2021 Safe to play0:00/63:481× We can't stop and mess about when there's important work to be done. We can only play when there won't be negative consequences. But

Delightful Dissent - Ep. 37 - Doing things the hard way?

With Helen Read Recorded live at 04:00 PM on Wednesday 06 October 2021 Doing things the hard way0:00/63:271× Ever been told you're doing things the hard way? Do you feel your jaw clench when you hear a sentence beginning with "why don'

Delightful Dissent - Ep. 36 - You've got to have a system?

With Andrew Hugill Recorded live at 12:00 PM on Thursday 16 September 2021 You ve got to have a system0:00/66:021× Without having a way to understand the world - a system - we feel lost. Other people expect us to have a system which makes sense

Delightful Dissent - Ep. 35 - You think with your brain?

With Elizabeth Arifien Recorded live at 12:00 PM on Tuesday 07 September 2021 You think with your brain0:00/61:431× Ever struggled to figure something out whilst sat still? Ever tried to learn something physical but found your brain getting in the way? We're told that

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