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Digital declutter-along

As the Digital Decluttering session for Joyfully Different has sold out, I decided to run one of my own for anyone who isn't a member there or who missed out. It'll help you tame that small mountain of emails and files, and find the stuff you need easier in future.

Digital Decluttering workshop

Do you have a small mountain of emails, or a load of files you don't know what to do with? Do you struggle to find stuff on the computer you just know is there? If that's you, then join me and the lovely people at Joyfully Different for a Digital Decluttering session.

Where's my data?

I've had to change my plans because one of the tools I was planning to use doesn't work with the GDPR. Here's what I found out.

Community cuppa

Community Cuppa sessions are a chance to speak with Matthew and other community members about any topics that have come up recently, any technical issues, or anything else interesting! They're informal, drop-in sessions for supporting members.


One of the big reasons I'm moving over to Ghost is so I can invite people to support what I'm doing. Here's how I'm offering pay-what-you-want supporter memberships