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DisabilityPlatform with Arash Andalibi-Abadan

A few weeks ago I had a really interesting conversation with Arash Andalibi-Abadan for his podcast, DisabilityPlatform. We talk about neurodiversity, work, tech, and the effect of 'invisible' disabilities. You can find the podcast version of this, and other episodes of Disability Platform, on the podcast page.

Retaining neurodivergent employees

There's been some good progress made on neurodivergent recruitment, but it's not always a good thing to be recruited into somewhere you're not supported. In this livestream I talk about: * Why workplace neurodiversity goes beyond recruitment * The practical and structural barriers neurodivergent people face,

Articles and appearances

Now I've got this nice shiny new website, I'll be adding anything public I've written or recorded as a post. Here's a few of my old things carried over from the previous website

Neurodiversity and context

This might not seem quite so obvious as some of my other topics, but for me, thinking about context explains a huge amount of neurodivergent experience. In this talk I explore: * Why context is so important * How it shows up for neurodivergent people * What context means for the value of

Neurodiversity and trauma

There's a lot to untangle between neurodiversity and trauma. In this livestream I will: * Share my own preferred explanation. * Explore some of the experiences that can lead to neurodivergent trauma. * Speak about what this means for how we think about neuro-inclusive work and workplaces. Content warning: This talk

Misunderstanding and neurodiversity

Being misunderstood a lot of the time is an experience so many neurodivergent people face. In this livestream I'll talk about the kind of misunderstandings that occur, how it can affect us, and what we can do to address it Content warning: This talk mentions bullying and harassment

Neurodiversity and camouflaging

Camouflaging - or masking - neurodivergent traits is the act of covering up our differences so they are (hopefully) harder to spot. In this video I talk about why we do it, how it can become an issue, and what we can do about it. Content warning: This talk contains

Late discovery neurodiversity

There are many reasons why we might not discover that we're neurodivergent until later life. In this livestream I explore why, what happens, and what to do if this affects you. References from the show: * * https://journals.

Digital declutter-along

As the Digital Decluttering session for Joyfully Different has sold out, I decided to run one of my own for anyone who isn't a member there or who missed out. It'll help you tame that small mountain of emails and files, and find the stuff you need easier in future.

Digital Decluttering workshop

Do you have a small mountain of emails, or a load of files you don't know what to do with? Do you struggle to find stuff on the computer you just know is there? If that's you, then join me and the lovely people at Joyfully Different for a Digital Decluttering session.

Where's my data?

I've had to change my plans because one of the tools I was planning to use doesn't work with the GDPR. Here's what I found out.

Community cuppa

Community Cuppa sessions are a chance to speak with Matthew and other community members about any topics that have come up recently, any technical issues, or anything else interesting! They're informal, drop-in sessions for supporting members.


One of the big reasons I'm moving over to Ghost is so I can invite people to support what I'm doing. Here's how I'm offering pay-what-you-want supporter memberships