About this site

This is the new, currently in-development site which will, in time, provide a hub for much of my work. That includes Delightful Dissent, blog posts, and other videos. You can find out how I am putting everything together by visiting my GitHub project page. I'll also be sharing details how I'm going about all this so you can do something similar - or learn from my mistakes - yourself.

In the meantime, you can find more about me on my main website and my LinkedIn page.

Actually get emails from me...

Up until now I've been really bad at letting people know what I'm up to from my mailing list. Keeping everything in one place should make this a lot easier now, so please do sign up for regular updates and stuff.

Meet people like you

One of the nice features of this new platform is that subscribers can post comments on everything. So please do get involved and start a conversation!