About Matthew

What I do

I help neurodivergent people - and others with unconventional perspectives - bring their unique ideas into the world. I do that in three main ways:

  • Working with neurodivergent entrepreneurs, founders and innovators themselves, focusing on developing and establishing their own unique offering in a way that works for them.
  • Working with organisations which want to be a better place for neurodiverse innovation, focusing particularly on the strategic benefit of neurodiversity.
  • Working with organisations who are creating innovative products and services for neurodivergent people, particularly those interested in co-production during the development process.

I do this because I see the unique perspective that neurodivergent people possess as being key to addressing the big, messy problems that affect everyone. The kind of problems that conventional approaches have tried - and failed - to take on.

Ultimately, the work is about making sure neurodivergent people feel fully supported and resourced in making the kind of difference that they are best placed to make. I take a person-centred, strengths-based and flexible approach, offering an honest, curious exploration of possibilities grounded in the specific needs of the individual and/or organisation.

In practical terms, I do one-to-one sessions, group facilitation, talks, and consultancy. You can find out more about the specifics of these on the work with me page.

My background

Like many neurodivergent people, I haven't followed a typical and straightforward career path. I've spent a lot of time in technology-related fields, particularly systems design and development. I always loved taking a complex, tricky brief and turning it into something concrete and achievable.

Whilst I was working in IT, I got really interested in psychology, and started studying that, alongside getting training in coaching management. I'm a Professional Member of BCS, The Chartered Institute of IT and a Graduate Member of the British Psychological Society. I've also done the training to make my business a Carbon Trust Certified Carbon Literate Business.

I was diagnosed with dyslexia as a child, then with ADHD and autism in mid-life.

My projects

  • NeurodiverseIT - A group I chair within BCS, run for and by neurodivergent IT professionals.
  • Curious Being - A community for unconventional people to meet, socialise, and develop their ideas.
  • Digital Diversity Living Lab - A new project aimed at bringing together those working in the digital accessibility space and those who use their services.
  • Social media

I also love collaborations and being on podcasts, panels, and giving talks. If you're interested in having me speak, please book a call.