Delightful Dissent - Ep. 39 - Driven to create?

With Christopher Dines

Recorded live at 12:00 PM on Wednesday 20 October 2021

Driven to create

It seems like creative people have a vision, then single-mindedly set about making it reality. But what if not all creativity looks like this? What if sticking to a linear path can do us more harm than good?

The output of the creative process can look very polished, but for many it doesn't feel that way whilst its happening. It's frustrating, contradictory and just plain uncomfortable. Though looking back, the process itself feels more important than the thing that gets created.

Join Christopher Dines and me as we find out what it means to be driven to create. We'll explore the role of creativity working with ourselves and others. We'll see how making tangible things helps this process. We'll share our own experiences of trying to work with limitations rather than against them.

Christopher Dines is a British author, novelist, mindfulness teacher and former house DJ. He helps people find more creativity whilst being kinder to themselves and others. He is currently writing his ninth book.

You can find more about Christopher's work and get in touch with him at and find his latest book, "Super Self-Care:  How to Find Lasting Freedom from Addiction, Toxic Relationships and Dysfunctional Lifestyles", at

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