Delightful Dissent - Ep. 36 - You've got to have a system?

With Andrew Hugill

Recorded live at 12:00 PM on Thursday 16 September 2021

You ve got to have a system

Without having a way to understand the world - a system - we feel lost. Other people expect us to have a system which makes sense to them, and to explain what we do based on that.

But what happens when we're in a situation where we don't have a good way of understanding what's going on? And what happens when we have a different way of understanding what's going on to those around us?

Join Andrew Hugill and me as we find out if "you've got to have a system". We'll explore when systems work, and when they don't. We'll look at alternative ways of organising reality. We'll share our own experiences of using different ways of understanding the world in positive ways.

Andrew is a composer, musicologist and creative technologist. He is a Professor of Music, and a Professor of Creative Computing. You can find more about him and his work on his website,, read his blog at and find out about his Aural Diversity project at