Delightful Dissent - Ep. 4 - You mustn’t make the mistakes I did

With Yaron Engler

Recorded live at 01:00 PM on Thursday 26 November 2020

You mustnt make the mistakes i did

We’re told the secret to success is to come up with a better way of doing something, then show everyone else how to do it. Our value is in what we have achieved. Once we’ve figured out how to do something well, it’s just a case of telling others how we did it. That’s the kindest thing to do because it prevents them from making the same mistakes we did. But is it really?

In this episode of Delightful Dissent I’ll be talking to Yaron Engler. We’re looking at the assumption “You mustn’t make the mistakes I did”. In this conversation we will explore leadership, masculinity and the value of vulnerability.

Yaron delivers 1:1 and group coaching programs for men who despite their success feel disillusioned, not good enough, frustrated and stuck in their own hamster wheel of life.

His passion is to help his clients let go of everything that is holding them back and create a healthy transition to a life with more freedom, connection and fulfilment.

The work is based on the CROP Cycle™, which has been the foundation of his work around the world as a coach and a touring musician.

Through this work Yaron has helped many men reduce significantly the levels of stress and anxiety in their life, shift their career into a more meaningful direction, have more time for themselves, earn more money, deepen their relationship with their intimate partner and children, become more fit, healthy & confident, and with all that - have more fun in their life.

Yaron is also a professional drummer who has performed in front of over 500,000 people all around the world and he’s is a Summa Cum Laude graduate from Berklee College of Music.

He has a vast experience working with large groups of people from different countries and cultures and his direct, playful and honest approach inspires and motivates his clients and audience to create simple positive changes that lead to growth and well-being.