Delightful Dissent - Ep. 15 - We damage trust when we challenge other's actions?

With Adrian Ashton

Recorded live at 01:00 PM on Thursday 25 February 2021

We damage trust when we challenge other s actions

Trust is vital to good working relationships. Challenging people damages the trust we need to work well together. But what if leaving things unchallenged does even more harm? What if there are ways to challenge people which create rather than erode trust?

In this episode of Delightful Dissent I’ll be speaking to Adrian Ashton about the assumption “we damage trust when we challenge other’s actions”. We’ll be exploring the relationship between trust, conflict and change. We’ll share our own approaches for challenging people in a positive way.

Adrian is a recognised authority on business start-ups, and social enterprise (amongst other things) having worked with government on national policy initiatives; enterprise education programmes with several universities; creating acclaimed programmes with sector bodies - and picking up a few ‘paperweights’ along the way for his role in these.

As a freelancer who tries to keep his values front and centre in how he approaches his work and all he does, he has been publishing an annual impact on himself for nearly 2 decades. This has not only been identified as a leading example of integrated impact reporting, but has recently been aligned to explore how he is contributing to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

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