Delightful Dissent - Ep. 0 - The exception that proves the rule?

With Matthew Bellringer

Recorded live at 01:00 PM on Tuesday 03 November 2020

The exception that proves the rule

In this introductory episode to Delightful Dissent, we explore how exceptional people challenge assumptions, why that’s important, and how we can all do more of it. Unlike every other episdoe, Matthew is going to be the one being interviewed!  “The exception that proves the rule” is commonly used to explain away things that don’t fit. It’s almost as if the existence of a contradiction makes the rule more reliable. That makes no sense to Matthew.

Matthew Bellringer is a consultant, facilitator, speaker and author. He works with people who cultivate transformation. People who do magic for individuals, groups and organisations. They are misunderstood precisely because of the qualities that enable them to make this kind of change. Matthew helps these people unpick these misunderstandings, reclaiming and then working from their unique capability to motivate profound change.

Remeny, our guest interviewer, is the co-founder of Brilliant and Human. She works with businesses to turn their clients into advocates.  We will get to know her more in Episode 3, where the tables will be turned and Matthew will be speaking to her.  If you're watching this event live please share your perspective or ask questions in the comments. We'll see them as you post them and there will be time at the end of the hour to answer any questions that come up.

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