Delightful Dissent - Ep. 29 - Pushing buttons?

With Chloë Aldam

Recorded live at 12:00 PM on Thursday 01 July 2021

Pushing buttons

We're told that there's a right way to develop, and a right way to support others in their development. That if someone isn't reaching an important milestone then we should concentrate our efforts on getting them to change so they do. But what if this approach gets in the way of exactly the outcomes we most want to see and by focusing all efforts on a single method we miss out on better paths? What if the effect of working this way can leave a lasting legacy of reactive, painful experiences later in life?

Join me and Chloë Aldam as we find out what happens when we start "pushing buttons". We'll explore how we learn and develop and how that affects the way we support others in doing the same. We'll see when it can be better to take an unconventional path. We'll share our own experiences of working with and nurturing positive neurodivergence.

Chloë offers transformational coaching to re-awaken the dream of raising children with compassion and integrity. She works with parents who feel overwhelmed by busy family lives using the concepts of Simplicity Parenting. Combining this with mBIT coaching, our parenting skills go to a new level, eliminating unhelpful ways that have prevented us from expressing ourselves, integrating new learning with courage and confidence as we raise our children to adulthood and beyond. You can find out more about Chloë and her work on her website -