Delightful Dissent - Ep. 2 - New business is the best way to grow

With Remeny Armitage

Recorded live at 01:00 PM on Thursday 12 November 2020

New business is the best way to grow

You only have to look at the adverts in your LinkedIn feed to get the message. You can only grow your business by finding new clients and funnelling them to purchase. What if this wasn’t the case, and business are built not on simple transactions, but on relationships?

In this episode of Delightful Dissent, we talk to Remeny Armitage. We’ll look at why spending more and for ever-greater reach hits diminishing returns. We’ll discuss when turning your existing clients into advocates is a more effective, satisfying and human way to grow your business.

Remeny is co-founder of Brilliant and Human, a small business helping businesses build amazing relationships with their clients. You can find out more about her work on her website