Delightful Dissent - Ep. 8 - It’s my responsibility to make things happen

With Lana Jelenjev

Recorded live at 01:00 PM on Thursday 07 January 2021

Its my responsibility to make things happen

The New Year is a time for planning. It’s a time to reflect and to decide what to do next. Doing good is all about going out there and doing something. But what if that’s not the whole picture?

In this episode of Delightful Dissent I’ll be talking to Lana Jelenjev to see if “it’s my responsibility to make things happen.” We’ll be exploring the role of context and community in how we change and are changed. We’ll look at power, privilege, and what it means to do regenerative work. We’ll see how to approach this New Year in a different way.

Lana is a Community Alchemist. She works with founders and other changemakers to build supportive, transformative spaces for themselves and those they serve. Her background is in design thinking and human-centred design. She has co-founded community-led organisations for female founders, for innovative educators, and for neurodiverse learners, amongst others.

You can find out more about her work on LinkedIn -