Delightful Dissent - Ep. 32 - It's just chocolate?

With Dan Knowlson

Recorded live at 12:00 PM on Tuesday 20 July 2021

It s just chocolate

You can buy a bar of chocolate in any supermarket. It's a treat, an indulgence. What matters is that it tastes good. But what if there was more to chocolate than a sugar hit?

Join me and Dan Knowlson as we explore the idea that "it's just chocolate". We'll explore how chocolate - and cacao - can play a role in transformative experiences. We'll see what harm can arise when a natural product becomes separated from it's origin. We'll share our own experience of combining traditional and modern approaches to create new opportunities.

Dan is a cacao ceremonialist, teacher and mentor. His mission is to bring change through connection to heart, nature, spirit and cacao. He works with all who are on their own healing and explorational journey, specialising in the balance between masculine and feminine. Working with cacao since 2010, he makes award-winning raw chocolate goodies, teaches, and holds regular ceremonies. You can find Dan's chocolate at and information about his cacao ceremonies, including training for those who would like to host their own, at