Delightful Dissent - Ep. 28 - Hide the messy stuff?

With Michelle Roberton

Recorded live at 12:00 PM on Tuesday 15 June 2021

Hide the messy stuff

We're told - not always explicitly - that in order to be attractive and successful we must edit ourselves and our feelings. That we need to present a shiny, airbrushed, always-happy version of ourselves or risk rejection. But what if masking our feelings prevents us from fully connecting with others? What if by editing out the things we see as "flaws" we reduce and limit ourselves?

Join me and Michelle Roberton as we look at what happens when you strive to "hide the messy stuff". We'll explore the role of sense, feeling and expression in enabling us to fully connect with those around us. We'll see what lies beyond transactional relationships in both our personal and working lives. We'll share our own experiences of working with difficult emotions and in turning sensitivity from something that feels like a weakness into a strength.

Michelle is a sexual trauma and intimacy therapist and alchemist.  Her passion is expressed as an invitation to explore a sense of ease and belonging in body and sex, that provides the loving relationship with self, for us to safely relate in the world.  As a body love activist, She is launching her first online body love course for those who long for the freedom to express without self judgement and to feel at home in their skin and bones.  You can find more about Michelle and her work at