Delightful Dissent - Ep. 31 - Don't feel bad?

With Anita Toze

Recorded live at 12:00 PM on Wednesday 14 July 2021

Don t feel bad

If we feel bad we're expected to do something about that. To take a pill or to improve things so we don't feel bad. Perhaps to simply "toughen up" and work through whatever we are experiencing. But what if by not giving ourselves the space to engage with unpleasant feelings makes it harder to enjoy the good things in life and to be effective? What if by trying to keep ourselves and others safe, we can do the opposite?

Join me and Anita Toze as we look at what happens when we try to avoid feeling bad. We'll explore the role of emotions and how those we've learnt to avoid can help us. We'll see when sensitivity can become a gift rather than a burden, not just to ourselves but to others. We'll share our own experience of navigating the space between research, theory, and the messiness of real life.

Anita is a psychotherapist and clinical psychologist. She supports people to have the courage to express themselves freely, and to rise to the challenge of the hardest problems we all face. She uses CBT, schema therapy, ACT, mindfulness and a range of other approaches to create the space for people to develop greater self-understanding and self-compassion. You can get it touch with Anita on LinkedIn at