Delightful Dissent - Ep. 30 - Do something about it?

With Kevin Davidson

Recorded live at 04:00 PM on Tuesday 06 July 2021

Do something about it

When we want something we're told that we must take bold, decisive action to get it. That hesitation is a sign of weakness. That we keep ourselves and those we care about safe by staying in control. But what if the need to fix something immediately can do the opposite of keeping us safe?

Join me and Kevin Davidson as we find out what happens when we "do something about it". We'll explore what it means to be in control and the part emotions have to play in that. We'll see what happens when our fight-or-flight response is triggered in social settings. We'll share our own ways of working with situations when we don't know what to do.

Kevin is an international coach who specialises in coaching men unable to have children to feel complete. He helps people bridge the "knowing" and "doing" gap so they can achieve all they want, own their masculinity, and thrive through courage, connection and vulnerability. You can find out more about his work and get in touch with Kevin on his website -