Delightful Dissent - Ep. 22 - Be more empathetic?

With Lauree Akhtar

Recorded live at 04:00 PM on Thursday 22 April 2021

Be more empathetic

We're told that the solution to suffering is more empathy. That if we put ourselves in others' place we can do what's needed. That we should follow the Golden Rule above all else. But what if too much empathy hinders our ability to help? What happens when we try to force empathy when it isn't there? And what happens when empathy simply isn't enough?

In this episode of Delightful Dissent I'm talking to Lauree Akhtar about the idea we should "be more empathetic". We'll explore the role of empathy in creating change, both positive and negative. We'll look at alternative approaches to making meaningful connections with others. We'll share our own experiences of working with compassion to foster positive transformation.

Lauree is the CEO of Working Socially, dedicated to providing custom tailored coaching for inspired leaders looking to unlock the collaboration, innovation, trust, and productivity of their teams and people.

She uses cross-functional techniques from agile practices, software and game development, and both clinical and nonclinical social work and psychology. She has produced and facilitated multiple agile and Future of Work conferences, and provides group workshops on a limited basis. Lauree's credentials include a Master's of Social Work, BFA in Game Development, Certified Scrum Master, and Change Management Specialist.

You can connect with her on LinkedIn -  - find out more about her work on her website - and hear more from her on her Youtube  webcast

Lauree provides free consultations to anyone interested to carry on the conversation for themselves, and is always excited to just chat with other coaches and leaders. Lauree is also available for speaking and conference facilitation opportunities.